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Time:11:18 pm
Just got back from Maine 2008
So relaxing! spent thurs in the car, then lobster dinner with the dodds and then supermarket and then drive to camp.
Spent fri with alex and tim and joyce at the camp
Spent fri night and sat at the camp with us 4 and em and conor
spent sun driving home
it was rainy, and sometimes cold
We played lots of board games, texas holdem for jelly beans, skatagories, catch phrase, wii fit,
we cooked pancakes every day
Mini-golf and movies were saved for another time.
ate lots of junk food, tim's cheese log
had fires with lots wet hand chopped wood and lots of of lighter fluid and sparklers
went kayaking, in groups, and just me and alex
it was so foggy!
Ate at boomers... real maine pizza!
Played frisbee.... aka throw the frisbee then go fetch it out of the lake.
Slept in a bunk bed!
My pockets were empty the whole weekend! no cell phone, no money, no nothing! (except chapstick)
went swimming wtih alex in the pond, scared crapless about fish touching us
Took the ferry, and sat in the wind
Played badmittin the whole weekend. firepits are not a good place to throw shuttle cocks. and there is a regualtion badmitton height. and boundaries should be drawn out and planned ahead of time.
It was so stress free!!! i miss it already. I liked waking up and having to go "Hmm..... what should I do today!" it was so nice!! then to come home to all this CRAPPPP sucksss assssssssss.............
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Time:05:21 pm
I'm sittin ghere at Airport. Terry has a field trip to see wicked with her kids class. many has never seen wizard of oz, so we are showing it! Late night movie madness goes elementary. Blah so i'm sitting here on lappy. and marveling at the bad backgrips on the sound studio if every oh ever
soooooo...... Lots have been doing on. First.... kim tim's wedding was fucking amazing. It was so much fun, and they actually got married! it's so cool!!! They are kim tim johnson! like seriously!!!! The wedding was full of nerds, so instead of dancing, people stook in a circle and sang with the songs. and we'd push one person into the middle. It was great!!! and Joeb's leg was broken so we did the joeb dance and limbo and kick line. I saw Rob and Michelle Marc and Taco and kim ehret is really cool. The whole thing was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!

this past weekend was crazy too. It was not nearly as fun as the wedding, but I was freaking busy. Memorial day 5 day weekend. Friday Alex took off and we went on a hike on the greenbelt trail! then went shopping. then got a crying call from christina because jay let her down. so I left the mall and met her.
Had black people show thurs fri and sat. These people ptrayed all the time. and there was not a single white person there besides me and mark . it was cool anyway. the people were SOO nice, but the black jokes did not stop all weekend. Broken Pieces was the show. Went to applebees with christina after the show. and then I stayed over alex's
Saturday gymmed with Alllex and then went to a bbq at his friend mikes place. I had to leave after like half hour to go to black people but I went back at 9. It was pretty fun. his friends are very nice. and geeky and awesome. lol. we stayed there and then he stayed over my place.
Sunday we had waffles on the hammock and then went to K's first birthday party. I was there for half hour as the only guest. It was weird. I <3 K. Eric came and it was weird, we tried to talk to eachother but it was much more awkward than last time. He just sat there. whatever. Jay's dad is creepy and he has a special needs little korean boy. I ended up playing with him most of the time. played dinosoars. it was mostly ninas family who was there. Then I went into mark's place with gabby, and we went to Pop burger which was where Steve was DJing. The lounge sucked, so we walked around the village. went to the water and then porn show and detective place. It was cool! walking around was lots of fun. We pregamed it drinking at marks but then the rest of the night we didn't drink . Left pop burger at 4 and went to marks. slept on his floor at 5 AM. and got up at 9. I'm still exhausted from this whole weekend. I have more thought and stuff to write about but i don't feel like it now.
Monday drove home and got home by 11. Gymmed for a bit and then got ready for Gails Bats Mitzcah. It was fun because alex and joyce came and it wasn't just me tim and dad. we drank. Al had a martini. I had cosmos and iced teas and ate yukky kosher food. We sat at the kids table. some of ti wasn't fun because they did speech after speech after speech. and there wasn't much dancing. but all in all it was cool! we got there early and walked aorund a park and took pcitures and went on the swing. I stayed over Alex's and then got up with him at 6:30 when he got up for work. went to the gym and then jazzercise then went to nina's and brought her cupcakes for her birthday which she didn't really care about. then went to airport for tech week for brighton beach
Wednesday I went back to work at preschool. Got called down to robin's office. I got an early childhood teaching position!!! I'll be in room 5 with patty! She scares me and it's not much more money but it'll be cool anyway!!!!
hmm.. the rest of the week has been work then tech week and last weekend totally kicked my ass!!! i'm freaking exhausted.
I still have to write about nina & jays relationship, the bday party, joseph alex's friends,
that's it..
back to wizard of oz!!!
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Time:10:49 pm
Yeah It's been a month... i suppose there should be lots and lots to update about
but the real reason I'm writing is because I'm stressed and cranky. Mostly I think because I've been using google calendar and it makes me very very sad to see how little free time I have! and there's like no end in sight. when I schedule in my head i see the end of every week as it's own identiy. so saturday starts my week and friday ends it and I always get SOME free time in there. when I schedule on google, my life is 3 months long (nothing scheduled after the summer after I move) and therefore my 30 min of free time doesn't seem as exciting.

alex and I are doing real well he's the reason that i have little free time. I met his friends, and we've been going to the gym all the time. his birthday was like 2 week ago. he had a garage sale last week. went running today before the gym and enjoyed laughing and talking about racism and stuff with sweat dripping down our faces. it's quite odd and only sort of disconcerning.

Went to awesome 80's prom last week for kim's bachlorette party! It was quite awesome! I really like all of kim's friends! they rock y'all!!!! Kim's getting married and I can't wait for th ewedding! We surprised kim with 80's clothes and she laughed as we walked up the driveway. took the train and the conductor gave her free ticket and the guy kept honking the horn.

Yesterday was crazy and probably the real reason I'm writing now.

First.. it was a real day off. I woke up at 9, Jazzed, home, layed out in sun at the park and did homework. got advice from sue on my IEP. dyed hair, left around 3 to go to school. Around exit 61 on the LIE I feel somthing. Look down and there is a mouse on my foot on the gas petal. I say "OH MY GOD!" and swerve a little. my heart races. it scurries under my seat. I think WHAT DO I DO! Should i pull over, and probalby not be able to catch him? do i keep driving knowing there might be more? I'm transporting this small animal, he needs to pay for gas! anyway I kept driving. I had to go to the verizon store and to get my nails done before class. I have my prioritie.s what was the mouse going to do? eat me? seriously.

So i got my phone replaced. the backlight on the bottom row of the keyboard went out. so they gave me a new one but all my settings are changed. suckkkks

i made it to class, did my IEP presentation. last day of academic classes EVER for undergrad. it was one class and lasted 40 min. picked up my UNIT which made me mad because I got 7 pts off for it being a week. 7 out of 30! like seriously.

Called nina, I was going to hang out with her. she had to pick jay up so she wasn't sure about logistics. more about this later.

on my way home I'm chatting with Josh on the phone., around exit 47, i hear a weird noise and my car starts to shake. I say CRAP Josh I gotta go. Hang up and pull ove.r I get out and walk around my car. I look at the wheels, and one is riding on the rim. SHIT! I get back in the car to think about my options. CAll dad, just alteast for moral support, or just jack it up myself. Suddenly a cop pulls up behind me with lights on. CRAP!! he saw me on the phone. He tells me over the loud booming mic thing to come talk to him on the passenger side. I do and he says I can't stay there to change a flat, to go to the next exit and into gas station. He followed me with lights on. police escort. He asks if I have a jack. I say yes. he calls for backups. so i go 15 mph down the exit ramp and into gas station and two other police cars with jacks show up! i take out the crowbar and spare and he says that he'll take care of it! so i watched as a police man changed my tire. it was kinda weird. then another car came with another jack. crazy right!

So I get to christinas, and we are hanging for a few min, she's showing me her room in the new place after i flipped teh light switch she had just gotten finished telling me not to flip and I hear a familiar voice in the livingroom. someone picked up jay... and it was eric. yup, random but it was good. awekward as fuckin hell but good. we all kinda talked as a group. i remember how boring he could be about some things. Like I'm glad he has a retirement fund and I know he cares very very deeply about money but it's relaly not overly important. I also remember also how fun and how perfect we were together in some regards, such as retardedness. we actualled Jinxed twice. weird. he's balder. he lost weight for awhile apparently but got off his diet because he's dating someone new again. It was so weird. he tried to avoid eye contact with me I think. and there were a few things that I said that were retarded and weird and he laughed a little to himself and i think tried not to let me see. when I told him about the mouse and the flat tire he said that he missed keri stories. It's best that we got all of this out of the way now and not at Kaeden's first birthday party next week!!

today was K4K rehearsal after preschool and cleaning out my car to prevent mice (MAJOR clean...) and after gym. I took off sat for after the wedding so I dont' have to Rush to a show.
tomrorow night gonna hang and drink and clean up the prop closet with mark and gab. weird.
preschool's been crazy. i'm lukes unofficial (meaning not paid the extra $1) personal. so i've gotten bitten twice.
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Time:01:51 am
Social events anger me..
Just got back from a bar mitzfah for my mom's cousins kid. my mom's cousin is filthy rich. It's quite disgusting. I've been thinking a lot about money since I saw this side of the family last. It's weird.
They had 300 people at this event, all at $150 a plate. It was insane, there was a characature artist!! And a woman making pipe cleaner hats! 3 dance people, a karaoke booth, and a photo station, with a background and you get your picture taken like at the prom. it was rock star themed and they hired some guy outside during the coctail hour to pretend to be scalping tickets. My mom and uncle didn't understand it.
They had the photo montoge, and then up on the balcony, the screen was raised to reveal the 13 year old kid. He stood up there looking down at this 300 person swarm of people all cheering for him. Ego trip? anyway, he's dancing and living it up, when two, dare I say it, Hot women in their 20's pop up and dance behind him. they dance and kinda push him down to hide again. It was just so weird and inappripriate.
The other thing that got me wondering was the candle lighting ceremony. Now come on. This kid is 13. Who makes the rules in his life... his peers, his friends, his equals. There was one candle for all of his friends, and every other one was for family, extended family etc. I was invited up with my family. But seriously, they say that it's for the kid but the things that are important in his life were kind of under representsed. It was so parent oriented.
Talked to my 14 year old cousin David who had his party last year. He said that he had fun at his, but he tried to get around and say hi to everyone so it wasn't all about him. He's an interesting kid.
and the way that we knew that me and timmy weren't comfortable at things like that was because the jews threw their plates on the guys with the trays who were cleaning. They dropped toothpicks without saying a word or making eye contact. I went up to one and said "Excuse me, can you please take this?" THanks! i just liked that comparison
That is all!
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Time:01:32 pm
Yup it's update time again! Been about a month! eek!
That month included some stuff.
and then some other stuff happened.
Again sectioned into categories...

My birthday was actually not bad this year. Saturday went to dinner with Jim and Meri, we were going to stay up for the clocks changing but jim got cranky and left. Then I left, and went to christinas and we laughed the entire night and then watched the clocks change it was so fun! Sunday I slept very late, and then got up to do some homework and went running and went to meet MEZ and chris and sue at the melting pot. we got there but they needed reservations. those bastards. 3 weeks in advance! fo shizzle! so we eneded up going to dave and busters which was awesome and fun too. Chris and sue asked me to be in their bridal party!! YAY!!! I'm really excited! I wish I dind't have to worry about money being in it, but whatever. I'm still excited! and i got my invitation to Kim and Tim's wedding today!!! YAY!! I am still trying to find coverage at airport so I can go to her bridal shower, but her shower is next week! ahh! Anyway, after dave and busters we played games and then I went home for cake yum! I got a camera lens filter and mario and sonic at the olympics and a few dollars for furnature for mark's house when I move in next fall. My health insurance expired on my birthday too, which sucks but I haven't gotten hurt yet. I'm waiting for state health insurance to kick in. i get it free since i make little or no money.

school - Senioritis! I looked at the schedule fornext semester and I realized I don't care! I don' tneed to know it!! I'm so happy to be almost done. But in addition to that i realized I have no motivation to do the work I have to. I'm in a school, watching teachers teach and getting ideas and input from them. presenting activities to college students about making prints from vegetables just doesn't seem as interesting anymore. Observation is going much better now. I don't like the resource room class, and Mr M came to observe me observing and he told me it wasn't a good room, so i've been spending lots more time in Morrows self contained and the other lady's gen ed class. it's great. except in the gen ed the teacher has left me alone and the kids take advantage. It's interesting to see all the different kinds of kids though. you kinda get stuck in a rut watching the same kids all of the time. I'm actually excited to go there in the morning. crazy! except I'm late because I refuse to wake up before the sun comes up at 7. and i have to leave at 7:15 to get there on time.

Airport - Pageant opened. the show is okay. it's got it's moments but alot of it isn't good. It's thrown together and there is a number at the end that makes me mad! people have left during the show demanding their money back. Yeah. Some of the cast is good, and some of it is bad. it's like thrown in.
Preschool - Blanca has been working there monday and wednesdays when i'm not there so MEZ is happier. Lindsay went on her honeymoon because they just got married. Meri was in the room again on tuesdya. that makes me happy. kids are still off the wall.

Love life... yes I have one. i've been hanging with anthony still, casually dating. it's going well, except for my complete insecurities. He is very nerdy and it's cute. but since we are still just casual, I'm chatting with another guy online still, Alex. Anthony came to see rent last night.... see the next topic

Rent.. yes I saw it again last night. with Gabby & Christine and MArk and his frind and Anthony. It was really good, of course. took lots of pictures on the train and stuff, had fun! yay. I'm going again next month with Christina! for the last time.
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Time:04:36 am
Okay i think I decided I am going to do it!
I'm going to for real do student teaching in Queens. I've been talking about it since someone suggested it in like December. I jut got back from hanging out with Mark and he's got a corner I can shove an air mattress into. If it works out we will find a 2 bedroom or something. I need to try the not living at home thing again. New paltz didn't work because it was TOO not at home and I knew no one. Now Josh is in the city all the time, john and stephanie, and of course mark. plus it's an hour fifteen from home and I can go home saturdays and stuff. I will have to quit airport but like I said it's not too far. I'll work at radioshack or best buy or something fun and tech related. Or if I can find a better paying thing, then I'll do that. I think it might work out.
I'm terrified, but what else is new.
It'll be better then Danielles pseudo bridal shower at preschool friday. that was torture. This won't be so bad....
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Time:01:47 am
Okay here's my tribute post to RENT!
It's closing this June 1st after 12 years running. I went to see it tonight, for what might be the last time. It might not be the last time because lots of people want to see it and i think it is my favorite show of all time.
It is the grease of my generation. it's also the high school musical of my generation. It came out when I was in 7th grade. I still remember when I was in a very depressed time in my life and Sarah sent me clip of "WINE AND BEER" and I blushed every time they said masterbation. I remember during the cast party for Romeo & juliet at a pizza place owned by chrissy's dad which is now a tux shop. Suddenly the song came on and I made the connection that I knew it! and nick s and some random girl singing the tango maureen and I thought it was so weird that they said fuck. Then that summer I bought the CD and listened to it over and over and over again. I loved it. I listened on the way to my cousins bar mitzfah, i listened to track 6, light my candle, on repeat over and over at Indian lake. My cd's got so scratched up. I listened to Your Eyes and related it in my own way. i didn't think of it as what the author intended, I thought of it in my own high school way. I played rent in band one year.
Now, 10+ years later, I know what smack is, I understand the show at such a different level, and I feel like i grew into it. No, I don't have the problems these people do. But it is interesting, and the music is great. The movie came out, I talk about the show with theater people and I see the whole thing in a different light. However I still cannot get past the little high schooler in me who is nostalgic for this amazing show. Now i know when the show closes they will do it on EVERY theater on long island... but it's not the same1
The show energises me so much. It makes me want to dance around and sing every song since i know every word. I want to gather a bunch of people and have fun with it. So I decided I want to do that. I'm having a movie night (as long as terry approves) on March 8th, and showing the movie rent. Word of mouth only so I don't have to pay rights. We will hang out at the theater after till atealst 1 AM when the clocks change, and until it's my birthday. It'll be fun! So anyone who reads this is cordially invited!
That's my story. The show today was great except the guy who played roger was british, and I didn't notice the accent, but meri did, and she told me and then I couldn't stop thinking about it!
Going to see little mermaid tomorrow. w00t. lol. weird week!
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Time:12:23 pm
One other thing, on a TV note. I was so excited to have the house to myself last night, to be able to sit and relax. Then I watched TV and I got so emotionally drawn into it, and when I got up again, I felt so alone because there wasn't this group of people around me like there was when I felt like I was a part of the TV Show. That was a not fun feeling, which could explain why I try to watch documentaries instead of dramas where you feel the emotion of the characters. Or maybe it's like I forgot that I was home alone, and i lost my confidence about it? I don't know.
Or maybe it's the writers strike that did this to me! Because I haven't been watching as many dramas!
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Time:11:57 am
Ahh it's been a fairly eventful three weeks since I last posted. Aida, Anthony, School, and fun are the themes of this post.
Okay first the run down
Had the week of the 28th was teen aida, the show sucked pretty bad but the kids seemed to have fun! Went to a Greek place with Anthony before rehearsal on the 31st. and went to his place after teen aida during the superbowl!
Week of the 3rd was tech for mainstage aida. I wasn't there all the days, I had class mondays & wednesdays and monday they did a tech through. Alot of what I did doesn't look as good as I would have liked it to have. Like father like son needed one more night of me being able to play with lights. You can totally see it when the cues don't make any sense!! But what can ya do. The show is amazing. Chakira was aida for the first half and we got a new girl now and she's amazing and sundays' show was fantastic because everyone felt really good to be part of the show! It's a good feeling to be proud of something and to have the audience like it and the cast have fun with it.
In the middle of my 3 weeks of tech week, I got sick! Started in my throat then tuesday of aida it went into my head and my sinuses and my nose and yuk, then The sunday of opening weekend my body got to slow down and I threw up all morning and felt sick ALL day! Like Mark was at the show and I didn't even want to go out with him. I layed on the couch between shows! I had the chills and just wanted to lay down. I haven't been like that in awhile.
anyway after the tech weeks were over I got to start my observation. I'm in central islip in a 5th & 6th grade resource room class. With Tom. yup tom. Very italian, very "laid back" aka more of a babysitter. He knows this though, its' odd. he just yells at them to concentrate on their work. There is no questioning, there is no positive reinforcement. There is another student teacher in the class too. so somethimes there is three adults and one student. I tried to talk to one kid once and inspire him to be better and tom told him to talk to other students and not us. It was all very weird. Anyway I was there twice. He is a good guy and i could probably be friends with him but as a teacher to these kids he's terrible!
I went to see nina for the first time in 3 weeks last week, that was fun! last tuesday went to the diner with Anthony and on Valentines day I mailed him and card, and he gave me one, and we hung out at my house, made spaghetti and played guitar hero. He's in awe of my TV/computer moniter! I love it though. I downloaded a movie and I'm going to go watch it on my normal TV with supreme quality!!! Werd!
On the subject of anthony, on Saturday it was john steele's birthday so we all went out to Applebees. it was very awkward! jim meredith, gabby, john, renee marquez and 2 of their friends. It was very weird because jim and meredith aren't the most nice people in the world. Anthony and his friend will came, and they are very nerdy together. and it was me anthony will jim and meredith and john and gabby switcheed off. There was not a single whole table converstation. It was really bad. anthony and will kept talking and then jim kept making faces, and I tried to do something and I couldn't! it was so bad. I feel uncomfortable just thikning about it. I told anthony that these friends were werird, and i didnt' specify whether it was good weird or bad weird. argh.
Oh yeah! the house! my parents legally own the old house again. The guy who bought it defaulted by not paying us by friday so we keep the money we already got from him and we get to sell the house. Unfortuantely my parents have to sell it in this bad market. So we'll see. They went to Aunt carole's for the weekend, and timmy went to nYC iwth joyce for the weekend so I have the house to myself. Last night I got to TRUELY relax. I got home from my show and had tentitive plans for anthony to come over, but then he got into a game and so he was inviting me to ruby tuesday after his game so I hung around and relaxed until then! I watched 4 episodes of ER, played mario galaxy, watched mythbusters, it was nice!I felt so refreshed today! and me and gabby are going to purchase to visit courtney today! very fun!
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Time:11:46 pm
Okay it's the weekly run down of events!
I last wrote last saturday too. It's been a fairly eventful week!
Monday was my last full day off till February. I went to Jazz and hung around the house talking with mom about paint colors till like 3 and went to Jay and Christinas. Played with Kayden, hung around for like 2 horus then me and nina went to see Cloverfield. Really good movie but I had a lot of responses to it and christina just wanted to konw WHAT the monster was. We snuck checkers in. haha. It smelled. And there were weird kids behind us. Monday I also started talking to this guy Anthony. He e-mailed me and we chatted on AIM after the movie.
Tuesday I had preschool. This week was very relaxed there. We had some kids that have been absent for quite awhile and now we can deal with those who are still there better. It takes time whenever there is a dynamic change. Apparently on Wednesday ernie asked "Where's keri" and that warmed my heart because none of the kids ever ask where I am on the days I'm not there! I came home for an hour and then had rehearsals for HONK Jr. It's a cute show, but the kids aren't all that great. And the costumes aren't as good as they could be. Anyway I did that, and then after i met anthony at the sayville diner, he's really cool. I really like him. He's a geek but not like a tech geek. He's into alot of the things that eric was into. But his personality is very different. Anthony likes crappy movies and star trek and stuff. But he also reads alot and goes out all the time. Anyway after the diner we walked around sayville and ended up at a pub. We joked about his 18 INT pin and his fear and all sorts of things. It was a good time.
Wednesday I had Jazz then first day of classes. Went to seminar for observation. Took a break and read photography books in the library. At sachem library they had most books that talked about digital photography. At westbury's there were NONE. haha. But the concepts from the 1970's are still the same. I'm trying to learn depth of field. My other two classes seem cool. We made a "Toy" out of a straw and paper bag in one class. The classes should be interesting. I went straight home after and collapsed tired because I was up way too late tuesday night.
Thursday was preschool then I went to Center Moriches secondary school to help nick out with lights. It was actually pretty useless because I'm not designing and nick didn't know what he wanted. He just wanted me to look at them for some reason. Whatever it was cool anyway. Went straight to honk jr. after that. Kris was sick and missed the final dress rehearsal! Werd! After that I went to Anthony's place and we played guitar hero and watched part of "The Stuff" which is a bad 80's movie. But it was one of those so bad it's good movies.
Friday was preschool and Jazzercize then I went to pick up my physical form from the doctors but I got there too late. SO I got a haircut. My hair is slightly shorter now. Then I went to sachem again to read more photography books. I want to do headshots for john steele and renee and I want to do it right. Then Honk Jr. Then I went thome and crashed because I was out till 4 AM on thursday ngith and up at 7.
Today I had to get up early too because I'm taking a saturday class. It seems really interesting and discussion based and there is only 6 meetings of it so it'll be good. i got home around 3 and took a nap. That's why I'm up still and not even tired. It was a very good nap. REM sleep nap. Then honk jr. KRis was supossed to cover for me so I could see sweeny todd at the stage in merrick but surprise she bailed. She is sick but still.
So that was my week. Hmm... I have honk tomororw and then anthony and I are hanging out. And my marathon continues next week with Teen aida tech week and mainstage Aida tech the week after!
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Time:09:42 pm
Okay well I think it's time to post. This week has been okay, I'm totally satisfied with my single status. Mostly because it doesn't really have to be a status. The talk with eric last week was great and made me feel good and confident and comfortable again.
So last friday I went to James's place and we stood around talking, I asked him questions about his place, it's very neutral looking. It's funny, we get along pretty well! We talk he shares similar outlooks on life and stuff. It's very interesting. We were going to go rent a movie but we ended up not. We sat on the couch and talked. See my analyis of J Vs. B in a future post.
Saturday had 2 golden ponds. Worked the box and chatted with Brad. After 2nd show i took John steele and we went to meet jim and meri at his place to play mario party and guitar hero. It was fun to play with john and meri but jim was a stick in the mud who didn't like to learn rules. but what else is new!
sunday was a show then went to best buy with john steele and then went to fix his comp. I know noting about macs so I can't install drivers. Went home and cleaned the house for mom and dad to come home.
Monday had doctors apt and got x-rays of my feet because I have fallen arches. Then had to get two fillings. The dentist is hot so it was all good! I have to go back again to fix my bonding. Was supossed to visit christina but she wasn't feeling well. bitch. I ended up going to Josh's and watching the futurama movie. I like tlaking to him. it's fun. We ended up talking about eric alot. and dan. and watched the movie which was actualyl pretty good.
Tuesday had work. we have lots of kids. Jayden started. So now we have... Jayden, Genesis (Jenny), Joseph, Jamie, Jack-Luke, Jason, Nicholas, Ernst, Luke, & Christian, Rachel too but I havne't met her yet. she's been out. It's alot. and we are being scrutenized for not being sanitary. so we might be loosing one of the kids. His mom uses wipes and doesn't think we wipe his hands enough with it. and then someone walked in on the class on Wednesday and saw someone cutting food without gloves. I find it ironic because I always put gloves on to serve the food and when i'm not there someone looks in. Anyway work's been hectic and ernie's copying everyone and it's very hard to control.
Wednesday was double shows of Pond. Went to the brennans inbetween because I was promised I could play rock band... but alas... it didn't work. It was sad. I played guitar hero with Luke and some other guy who was there... they bought us food so it was good! chatted wtih brad during 2nd show.
Oh yeah! During the matinee I found a coupon 12% off best buy, so I, like I always do, I checked out the TV's on sale. found a Dynex for $459 and good reviews! So before the brennans I rushed to Best buy to buy it! $504 including 4 year service plan that includes dead pixels. Amazing!!!
So that means that thursday after work I rushed home and took apart my tetris shelves and cleaned and Installed it!!! It's so awesome! I LOVEEEE it! It looks really nice!! I got the nice one with the arm and so it can go towawrds the left or the right. it's great!
That was my thursday night.
Friday was today! Worked all day and then worked on bathroom colors with mom then i'm here. chatted with brad. lol
That's my story!
School starts wednesday. EEK!
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Subject:My bucket list
Time:05:07 pm
So a few months ago, in preparation for the the movie bucket list that is coming out, on NPR they had a segment about what people wanted to do before they kick the bucket. Ever since then I've been thinking about it. It's the same thing as a list of things to do before you die, but it's cooler because it talks about buckets. And not buckets with holes in it or anything! Dear liza dear liza
So here in it's almost entirety is my bucket list as of Jan 2008
1. Travel to every state in the US, and see all the tourist traps.
2. Go to London, France, Italy, Germany, all the major European countries.
3. Visit Japan and Tokyo for technology purposes, and China because I want communism to succeed.
4. Go skydiving
5. Reach an "average" weight
6. Have a completely wired home
7. Do a turkey trot, or any kind of 5k run without stopping
8. Be able to make money selling prints of pictures
9. Learn to dance
10. Spend new Years at Times Square
11. Spend a solstice in Point Barrows Alaska... preferably live there for a year
12. Have an actual role in a play, even if it's just in the chorus
13. Visit every Disney theme park
14. Learn to play the accordian
15. Part of my european expendature... I want to travel from <a href="http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&geocode=&time=&date=&ttype=&saddr=Here&daddr=there&sll=45.916655,2.979575&sspn=3.630568,10.217285&ie=UTF8&z=7&om=1> Here to There </a> 16. Learn to use an abacus This list will be added to as I think of more!
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Time:08:25 am
so I'm back to the old grindstone. Waking up and going to work. Wow it's stressful to go from one extreme (doing absolutely nothing) to doin stuff 14 hours a day!
Preschool is crazy now! Mornings are okay but afternoons we got another new student and we have to afternoon only kids who are INSANE together. whenever they look at eachother they set each other off with a rousing chorus of "fuck you" Yeah. And they are three. Nothing surprises me after my class last year but still this isn't good. So we all go to school with positive attitudes and come home pulling our hair out. And the fact that afternoon is lunch time doesn't really help either.
Airport opened on golden pond friday. I guess it's a good show. I'm honestly not that into it. But these things ALWAYS grow on me. So I sit on the internet.
Went to poughkeepsie Saturday to visit nanny and aunt carole and uncle bob and emily and conor. They are all such mellow people. I always feel like i'm carrying the converstaion. It's so weird. I think I'm too energetic for Nanny. But I brought the wii and we all played. Nanny took awhile figuring out bowling but then she got it and did really well. Played guitar hero with em and conor and tim after the adults went to bed. Played catch phrase. You don't understand how hard it is to restrain yourself from making the game dirty. My word was rooster. Seriously. I have a feeling Nanny would like me even less if I said cock. haha. Timmy and I left sunday morning and we went to some sceevy guys house to buy car parts. Yes we took the van all the way up. Timmy's a terrible driver but has control of the car. So he is a master of drive throughs. I am a good defensive driver but i have no control of the car. So I hit the curb more times then I could count but I don't tailgate. IT was a fight the entire two days. I wanted to take mom's car.
Well that's what's goin on mofo.
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Time:12:26 am
Yeah, caroling is definately the best day of the year!
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Time:09:42 am
Woo a weekend almost off from work! Can't wait to go caroling tomorrow! Seriously I'm SOOOO looking foward to it. I don't really do much holiday-wise anymore, and this is one tradition I LOVE!!!!! It's a scheduled time where I get to see friends I don't get to see too often!
Speaking of these friends, Thursday night was a lot of fun but very weird! Okay. So I work with Chris Zerellas mom. She is the teacher in the class I'm an aid in. I went over there after my last day of ASL and brought my wii. I hung out with Sue, MaryEllen and her daugher Meghann. It was ridiculously fun. We laughed all night at eachother, and made Maryellens Mii with a beard. made fun of the kids at school and really had a good time. It was kinda awkward hanging out with a friend from work who also happens to be the mom of a friend from high school. fun, but very weird.
The last day of preschool was yesterday, the last 3 days were crazy. absolutely off the wall!!! I came home so tired and stuff.
But it makes me feel better that I'm currently downloading 300 + different versions of White Christmas. Haha. I figure they will come in handy one day at Airport!
Went to see The Restaurant last night. That was weird too. I was way too out of my element. And there were way too many people I knew there.
What else...
Happy Winter everyone!
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Time:11:45 pm
Today was the last day of COW for the semester! WOO!! This time next year i'll be DONE!!!! WOOOO
I wanted to text that to someone ALL day! but there was no one! ahh. IT was lonely for a few minutes. Also.... on NPR there was an english lady who said to cut something with two lines as if we were playing dots and crosses... I was like jigga WHA? and then the NPR guy said Here in america we call dots and crosses tic tac toe and I laughed. haha that crazy NPR.
Today i had two shows at aiport, kids shows. Mr. Music didn't show for the first one! Seriously! So I had to play the CD while terry ran lights. live theater
ANyway I have my ASL final tomororwo and then I'm making ornament balls for caroling yay. Wed I have 2 shows of kids show, then I'm donating blood, then going to babies r us, then going to the high school nick is directing to design lights, then making cookies for thursdays holiday party at school. I don't know why I just wrote that... but it's been running through my head all day! I bought cookie cutters in the shape of bears and I'm going to decorate them! Woo!
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Time:08:33 am
I randomly remember what Josh had said....
he said that guys want sex first, and they get attached later. I thought it was a very interesting way of putting it.

Anyway had a great time at applebees with mark and matt and marquez/bob and vinnie. we laughed all night nd questioned vinnie and had penises in a jar and sang latke songs Matt and mark together is a little weird. . . but i guess it's okay.
that's ir for now.
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Time:10:12 pm
data445 (9:00:19 PM): Hey, I just wanted to let you know i wish you the best, happieness and stuff. take care

Auto Response from Keri383 (9:00:20 PM): Things you really don't have to do.

data445 signed off at 9:42:26 PM.
data445 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

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Time:07:42 am
stupid wiimotes.. stupid stupid wiimotes. I think because I went to bed thinking of them, i dreampt of eric again. he, me, courtney and josh went into the city and went to storein my dream and I was looking at one thing and everyone left me. I couldn't find them. i actually called eric and he said "we are broken up, what do i care?" so I was wanderng around by myself and no one cared. but on the bright side, in my dream courtney found personalized embroidered christmas tree skirts for $3.50! They were all different colors and all pretty cool. If I could find those in real life i'd be set.
Anyway I'm thinking of calling him on thanksgiving, or atleast a happy turkey day text. I'll run it by nina later on....
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Time:12:14 am
at the risk of sounding cliche... this week has been an emotional rollercoaster. But atleast I got my homework done. that's important! So last night I realized how much of a big kid I really am. I didn't think it was a bad thing, but I noticed it when I was at the park with rich. we talked agagin today. He's such a cutie! but i'm really bad at this. And I messaged christina that i forgot I had tech week this week and couldn't come over for heros. She said she had my wiimotes for me and my heart sank. Seriously I felt sad all over again. I understand it, but I felt like I was stronger and over some of this. Should I talk to eric at this point? it's been 6 days, almost a week. For 2 1/2 years the longest we went without SEEINg eachother was 2 days, and that was just this summer. Before that it was 1 day. and we always text messaged and communicated during those days. And no i don't want him back. hell i don't know if i even want him as a friend but I looked at pictures and i was reminiscent. and I think my stuff being with him was my link to the past times we had. and now atleast part of that link has been severed. Ahh... why can't life be easy! I know this isn't exactly brain surgery but still.
Oh a completely other note. I finally watched requim for a dream, it was so weird but very very good. and jill put extensions in my hair today. I have 14 strands of maroon hair. I love it. but it hurts a little today.
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Time:07:12 am
Yeah So I have a lot to get off my chest, so I think this is going to be my outlet. i dreamt about eric last night. I don't ususally remember my dreams so this is pretty big. and I woke up this morning, and went on myspace and he deleted his account. Again I want to scream.
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Time:11:43 pm
SO i did it. I haven't written on here in forever but i have to. I just broke up with eric. My stomach hurts so much. I feel so bad. I love him so much but I know it's not right and how long is too long to go on with it? He's not right for me and I have known that for awhile. but 2 and a half years is a long time. and he's such a big part of my life and he is a really good guy and he makes me laugh and we get along really great when we do. I'm like shaking. I just left my love and my best friend leave my house. Okay so for awhile I've been saying that we have to break up because I have no experience with any other guy and he refused to break up with me. Today he was laying on my bed I was at my computer and we were talking and we were talking about heros we watched tonight and we went in the hot tub and I turned on my GPS and saw that an updated map deleted all of my points of interest he was about to leave and I stopped him and started talking about our relationship and he said he wouldn' break up with me and he asked if I wanted to break up with him, he asked if I wouldn't because I dont' want to hurt him. he said that we are both adults. I shook my head yes and he looked at me and walked out. I really do love him so much. so dearly and it sucks that we could just end it. But i don't want to spend the rest of my life with someone sloppy and lazy who won't give me what I need. Who knows, we might end up back together but i don't know. This is my first real relationship and it really hurts so bad. And i feel so terrible about it. i know that people heal and I'll feel better everntually but right now I just want to throw up.
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Time:03:41 pm
First post of the new year...
also first post of the school year
and first post of the spring semester. somehow i skipped fall.
Preschool - In room 16 with 7 kids. it's tiring, and the kids are crazy, and in the beginning i had a hard time with the staff, but now we realized we are all in it together and we are all good. Danielle missed the first few days of school, today i got my jaw banged by a kids head, i was bitten numerous times in the first few weeks.
Airport - we just lost the annex, i think it's the beginning of the end. we had to clean out all the stuff and throw it into dumpsters or into Mr. Dee's storage. Just finished godspell then Willy Wonka staring michael burke. hung out with gabby and mark and josh for almost the entire month of december, that was amazing. Scott Interrante has been filling in on sunday afternoons so I can concentrate on my HW all day sundays. IT's a great help and it makes me feel more relaxed and if i want to take a day off from theater i can do it guilt free cuz he's already trained and surprisingly really good at it and he seems to enjoy it. It might just be because he gets paid $5 more than if he was ushering, but who knows!
Eric - We went to vegas the 2nd week in jan and it was amazing. so cool. it was CES and we had a great time, we had events and we saw bill gates and saw all of the upcoming technology and were exhausted when we got back. He also just took over managing the ronkonkoma radio shack. That's weird. but he has like a 90% turnover with staff so it's funny. bob had a heart attack the first day there.
School - I did amazing last semester, after the whole academic probation thing I got my ass in gear, and I took 2 classes at westbury, american people II and Disability in Literature and got A- in both. Also took ASL and self defense at Suffolk to keep my full time status. Got an A in both of those. So my GPA is going up so I can get into the educaiton program and acutally graduate eventually. Did a radio show with Nick last semester. Hoping to start that up again this semester. I'm taking 4 classes at westbury, sculpture, american people I, Interdisciplinary Instructional Strategies, and US culture milticultural something, which is basically the holocaust
Me - I'm doing okay. I'm attempting the diet and excercize thing again. I'm still going running all the time, well now it's cold and we got a treadmill so I watch ER on my laptop and go walk/jogging on there. I got heely's which is the best thing ever. i lvoe them so much i wear them all the time except preschool. I got new computer parts for christmas, so yeah this is also the first post on my new computer!

Well that's about it. I might eventaully elaborate on some of this, especially Vegas, eventaully. I might also want to use this as a forte for writing good ideas for teaching and circle time and stuff. This might help me eventually. But right now It's time to go to tech week for hollywood exposed!!
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Time:10:12 am
Okay so the first 2 weeks off this summer were amazing!
I went to great adventure, splish splash, played bingo with jess, hung with my E man, went into the city, and relaxed on the days inbetween. I had shows on the weekend to keep me busy. But then carousel ended and school didn't start again yet. I've had one day of classes at COW. I've been trying to work at airport but there is a limit to that being fun. I'm so amazingly bored. I think i'm more bored because I think i am. Even if I go out and work, or go to the insane streetfair I still come home at 3 and i'm bored again. I complain alot. And things that used to be fun are less fun now cuz there isn't something that i SHOULD be doing. WEll i cleaned my room. I guess that is something. I went to the ronkonkoma historical society museum! That was relaly cool. but other then that...
Anyway I've been running and I can go 1/4 mile without stopping. It's impressive for me!
I'm going to go do that now!
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Time:11:37 am
In the past 2 weeks it's been eventful. not to mention the fact that today i'm totally lazy and bored. Thursday the 17th was NYC tech tour, sunday the 20th was eric's bday the 21st was splish splash, the 22nd was great adventure. I spent alot of money lateley, but i also had alot of mad fun!!!!!! I should write in detail but i just dont' feel like it. sorry to my adoring fans (haha) and sorry to myself in the future when i want to remember the events.
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Time:12:35 pm
Things go up, things get worse.
Last day of preschool was friday. all in all a great experienc.e Gonna miss josue. Adam is still gonna be there. tyler is gone, scottie will be there and jake will be there and richie will. jacsiel gone too. i'll be back to floating status come sept. going to westbury monday to make my sched. fun right?
doing carousel. not fun. But me and john steele have been hanging!
biggest news is i got a nintendo DS on thursday. it's freaking amazing. i shouldn't have spent money on it. but i did. totally worth it.
Going to the city thursday to go to tech places. sony wonder tech lab, apple store, nintendo world, samsung experience, and go see wedding singer!
Going to great adventure the 22nd with eric darren jay and nina. how we willl fit in a car who knows.
going to splish splash with jennie sometime. going to see a movie with her otnight
So yeah I'll be spending my other days off working mucho hours at airport for extra cash!
Things with eric have ups and downs but the fact that i've been busy makes the time we DO spend together really awesome and amazing!
Went to the suffolk bingo palace wednesday night with jess. the PALACE!!! So cool!
Life is good.
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Time:10:31 am
Ahh so yeah, Me and eric are good again. for those who don't know. saturday we talked, not even about how unhappy i was, but we just sat and talkeed and had fun! i enjoyed his company again! and all this week it's been great. maybe it was my attitude, i don't know. i do know i'm crazyand that's most of my problem i think.
Also this week was broadways best. worst thing EVER! The show was amazing but I detest jason garrison right now. he thinks he owns the theater, and he tells everyone to do things as if he's the authority and not a teenager who is being allowed to borrow the theater to put on a benefit. he thinks he is all high and mighty and is owed everything because proceeds are going to a good cause. he said things like "people come to see my work because..." and there were scheduling mixups because jason wrote down a schedule thinking he had the theater when terry had told him they didn't. they didn't clean, they left drums and stuff in the back because jason said they could without asking terry, they pulled out lockers and didn't put them back. And on the last day, opening of spelling bee they had to say a word, "Spell carousel" "Can you use it in a sentence" "Because of carousel we had to rehearse in the annex" and that set me off. how disrespectful can you be? seriously! I cursed at him, literally when he came upstairs for one light cue. and all he said was "it was a joke, it was funny. everyone laughed"
Anywya. that's over. doing a variety show this weekend. with a dog actand a ventriliquist and an accapella group and a whole bunch of sound guys who are way too organized! It's really good tho. well the emcee was on the sopranos and he sucks ass. but there's a juggling unicyclist.
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Time:11:39 am
On other notes, besides being upset about this ALL weekend, It's closing day of tom sawyer. I have renewed my respect for actors and for Mrs. brennan during this experience. I have also remembered that i'm not ususally a people person. Jim gave out gifts on friday before the show. it was very funny. A black priest for Steve, an indian for nick, a girl with a squirrel for beckys. The kids are all driving me sorta CRAZY!!!!! theyu are also all fascinated by my cell phone i play with all the time backstage.
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Time:06:35 pm
It's hot! oh so hot!
But I installed an AC in my room for the first time in my life! So i'm happy!! it is little.... and takes a long time to get cool. and it's still not cold. but it's awesome!
goin to the beach with Eng tomrorwo!
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Time:04:34 pm
You are .inf You are informative.  When you are gone you make life very difficult for others.
Which File Extension are You?
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Time:06:23 pm
How to/not to teach
by Keri
Special Thanks to Just Kids Learning Center
Give kids 2 choices and no more (table top)
Write behavior plans down for ALL TA's and staff, continuity is key

room 2
too many choices, let thomas run wild, no structure
too motherly, not that there was too much love, but favoritism, working with some kids more than other and giving attention to bad behavior

room 3
not enough structure during the very difficult time of coming in

room 4
very good, happy class, reward system
strucure the same every day, 2 table tops chosen by teachers every morning
Books after food is great

room 5
discipline problems, teachers try a theory but don't stick with it long enough, don't give it enough chance
lunch is crazy. need to pick one toy, not every kid for themselves
Switching centers is great
need one on ones for every tough kid
behavior charts for some kids single them out
color jumping is great
each week a different "lesson" is great

room 6
mismosh of kids!!
teachers have no patience, but have favorites
NO structure
no similatities one day to another. they just let the kids play and then get mad when they go on their own

room 7
TA yells alot and is very motherly in discipline
exercize during circle is good

room 8
the one day i was in there all they did was play for hours, no structure

room 9
great class. centers good, theresa teaches by the book. instead of saying "Don't do that" she says "I like the way joe didn't do that, thank you joe" that encourages the good kids, while not rewarding bad benavior with attention. It's hard to get used to sometimes but it works and is good for the kids!

room 10
medically fragile

room 11
the morning the kids do work one on one! Great for the autistic students! Afternoon integrated only includes 3 other kids and i don't think it benefits anyone!

room 12
was 2 year old room? now a mishmosh?

room 13? 14? 15? 16

Room 17 Medically fragile but they should do SOMETHING with those kids!!

room 18
needs more help!! Most of those kids should be integrated!!! Kids should be organized into processing level perhaps, paul and brian and matthew and others together so they can actually learn. needs more structure in the morning, and a nicer classroom.

room 19
haven't been there since day 1
room 20
haven't been there since november
room 21?
room 22?
room 23
used to not have enough structure but now structure is coming but too slow. behavior chart could work but kids don't understand it. they need to be reminded and taught that every 15 min the chart goes up and the reward is specifically tied to their behavior. it's hard but still. it's also boreing! lol well these kids should be integrated with a personal!!

Okay this is a work in progress!!
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Time:06:14 pm
Okay i should update about this week, and then my very late overview of school....
so monday in vermont sucked ass. seriously. it poured . so we couldnt' play naked shuffleboard or kayak or lay on the beach or ANYTHING!! Then the power went out so eric couldn't watch TV so i figured he'd be okay going out and doing something. of course not. that asks too much. so i went to burlington and went mucho shopping. he slept. the whore. we didn't even talk much on the way home. i was really insulted. and kinda hurt. Also because i wanted to leave at 9 tuesday to get home but we were running late and didn't leave till 11 and he still insisted on sitting at a freakin rest stop for half hour. anyway we were better after. the last few days have been awesoime. awesome to the max. he's been in a great mood and that brings me up. he brought me a slurpee to wednesday of tech week. that actually meant so much to me!! lol.
in the theater world this was tech week for tom sawyer. i freaked out on tuesday but i stil made it before we started the run. justin (double cast for tom) was fired on wednesday. i spent wednesday and thursday propping. and part of fridya. that was my week off. lol. today i started at just kids. meri started there too. went to the diner with her and jim afterwards. that was a major mistake. i can't stand it. i never remember that it's a mistake afterwards though. room 23 is weird. new girl there today. she was very funny. but of course started talking back and stuff already.
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Time:12:45 pm
So I'm up in vermont and having a blast!! Like it's so different from te last trip to georggia because me and eric are both more relaxed about it all. I'm more comforitable here and its' great.
Left friday, got on the road around 11. He came to pick me up at the theater and i found him with the ushersgathering a cup of cheese for the road. We hit up taco bell and go to the bank. We drive and drive and get up to the camp gound around 6 AM. no denny' stops!!! haha. Eric ALMOST KILLS A COW! It JUMPED out in front of him! it was at 6 AM and neither of us slept so I got quite a good laugh out of that. we get here shower and sleep till 1 .
Saturday we hang around. I kick his ass in naked shuffle board 50 to -43. If he got -50 i'd give him a dollar. i exercise, he watches TV. they ahve a cool exercise shack here. but i'm too fat for the star master. haha. Canadian TV sucks. but scrubs on DVD has been our friend. we leave at like 5 (after eating goldfish with cheese whiz on it) to go to ponderosa! yum! <3 ponderosa! Went to the drive in movie afte.r saw Click. Eric had never been to the drive in. we sa there for awhile beforehand. the movie was really really goo.d cheesy but still funny.
sunday was canada! we skpped the border! it was neato! we went into montreal. we had plans to go to a humor museum and a science museum. TOTALLY didn't happen. the humor museum was closed... weird. we passed a homeless person. or maybe he was a tired person. then we went to find food. a nice litle place. but we ended up at a canadian Subway. ate cold meatball heros in a store with no floor where the gy didn't speak much english. there was adefinately a language barrier here. everyone's first language was french. many signs were only in frencdh. i haven't taken french since HS. anyway we then found downtown montreal. old montreal was cool. we found parking and walked around. we were walking towards the science museum and got distracted by a sign that says SEGWAY. we followed the sign and WE GOT TO RIDE SEGWAYS!! IT was soooo awesome! We paid $10 for a leson. you lean forward to go foward. w e went on obstaible courses. We then went on a paddle boat ride. that was lame. but we kept crashing into people... We walked around old montreal and i bought a cool new toy. we went to dairy queen and we attempted the science museum but it was closed. we decided to go to the montreal casino. if we had stayed there we wdouln't havge been stuck til 11:30 PM cuz there were frieworks. we went to the casino. Eric played black jack and i played 25 cent slots. eric was up $500 and then down the $60 he origionally put it. Well thats that. i turned my phone off so i wouldn't get any calls. but never the less i did! hmm... i tried playing blackjack but i wasn't very good and the lady next to eric told me i was throwing off the rhythm of the game. but he said it in french. language barrier my ASS!! haha. we left at like 11 or 12 and made it home by 2. but in those hoursthe best part. first we went to customs and the lady told eric he needed a new picture on his license. and she asked us what we bought. i said food, and eric said " we went oin a ride" he's a dork. Anyway we were driving through st. albands and eric got caught in a speed trap. he saw 25 MPH and slowed down. then the flashing lights behind us. almost got a speeding ticket. or a ticket for having an insurance card that expired 3 days before, or for having a license that's not in the computer. anywya got awya without the $230 fine. it's very funny. he was hysterica.
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Time:04:52 pm
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Time:08:13 pm
got the horse right here! the name is paul revere.... show just started and i'm already bored. 
today i worked at the infant center. it was really weird.  morning went so fast.  afternoon so slow.  don't know if i ever want a baby.  was actually in the toddler room (1 years old) in the morning.  and it's the week of the young child, so they had ice cream.  it sucks that i was in a crappy room  during a fun day.  we had the carvel man there today.  anyway.  we took the toddlers out to play, and stuff.  they napped at 12 so i went to the infant cente.r  i held a 4 month old, and a 6 and a 8.  it was very weird.  i haven't been around babies in forever.  in like 23 years forever.  i like the older kids better.
i went to box office right after.  i made some sorts of money, not sure how much, but i sat around and didn't do much.  took reservations and stuff.  only screwed up two orders!!! yay! now g& D and rocky later.  don't have to be here till 12 tomrorw so yay!
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Time:09:26 pm
for whatever reason, I had a real good day today! Slept in with eric.  we had fun this morning, jus ttalking and stuff.  a good time.  it makes me so happy.  i left at like 12  and went to airport and trained more.  terry is back from disney*Jealous*  but i did very little box office stuff but i fixed terry's printer and stuff.  i'm going to work solo tomrorow evening.  it'll be slow but it'll be okay.  then i get to do g & D and then rocky again.  a week from saturday is Shock Treatment! w00t!!!  when i got home form airport I was going to go running but dad said "insated of running go biking iwth me" but i thought it was a false sggestion and he wouldn't eally wanan go.  but we did.  mom came too, wen tmountain biking in cathedral pines for about an hour! G & D is now and yeah it's not good.  hung out with fabulous story people.  we had a fundraiser for sons of  norway.  they aren't drunks but it's still all good.  I'm still looking so foward to going vermont in 2 weeks.  i really hope it happens.  i want to go to a drive in.  i want to go to canada!  That is all!
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Time:08:56 pm
I know i have aves of sadness and moods. well i've beenbusy this week. so i'm all good. well not all good. but i feel better. eric does know how to cheer me up alot but sometimes it's what i need sometimes it's not. anyway we had fun last night. but he commented on how i used to want to stay over all the time but now i don't stay over as much. and my thinking is tat he goes to sleep at like 3 or 4 am and although i do better when i sleep that late and then sleep till noon, i have a real job and no sleep makes me feel worse then ever before. anyway. i keep saying how much i mis him and sleeping next to him. anyway.. fame is over, thank gosh. now it's jut guys & dolls which i suppose isn't much better. but i learned box office on tuesday during the day which was cool!! i made so much money from last week being at airport all the time!! lol. going to vermont in 2 weeks so money comes in handy!! Billy got a replay yesterday. i was frustrated with billy for buying it and listening to just eric's reccomandation but it seems to be working out replays do rock. I am still loosing weirght, kinda. lost like 10 lbs. i looked up arm reduction surgery which is aptly named a blastronphy. pictures of it are gross. i give up big hangy skin for giant scars! if i ever loose more weight which should i do?the scar is kinda nasty...
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Time:07:40 pm
Anyway on other notes, i'm in theater hell. Since chool ended (and no i didn't do well) i've had tuesdays and thursdays off. Been bored crazy. last week and the week before I had many days off for memorial day and the like. this weekend i had fame and tom sawyer and guys & dolls and rocky horror and charlottes web. yeah that's a lot of shows. guys & dolls and Fame are 100% ASS!! It's tortureous to watch, and worse to listen. I'm bored out of m mind, and my only solace is the internet but even that is boring to me now!!!u;m sick of people who can't act, or worse can't sing. anywya i'm going to fill a swimming pool with jello. only 7,512 boxes left!
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Time:09:56 pm
okay so updating!
i'm sitting in the booth during the WORST final dress rehearsal EVER. so we didn't run tuesday because they were running only the music. and tonight there was "no pit" so they did tech spiking. and that was it. so i didn't really do ANYTHING all night. so so pointless and I could use a 3rd run thru. even though i hate the show and i've done it 3 times before.
anyway. my folks are away for the weekend. and we got a hot tub last week! woo! my time has been off. college is done for the semester. so i have tuesdays and thursdays off. i was sick last week, well, ever since we got back from georgia. i thought it was from soaking and chlorine too much. but i was VERY flemmy. and still every morning I hack up a chunk and then i'm fine all day. last weekend was relaly bad. so i actually called in sick to work monday. so i was off monday, tuesday, thursday, tomrorow, and then next week monday tuesday and thursday. I'm going crazy bored. and even with eric with me both tuesday and today. and possibly tomrorw. anyway... I'm very excited to wear my new diet coke tshirt!!! i finally got a shirt to wear over it. I'm almost 1/2 done with davinci. which is good! yay! going to see the movie saturday.
probably have o much more... it's been months....
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Time:10:31 pm
yeah yeah yeah so i might update again cuz guys and dolls is here and we got internet working so i have lappy here. been awhile!!! went to georgia! stage managing tom sawyer! did pippin! schools over!
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Time:01:16 pm
Okay.. recap time. the last month... hmm.. where do i begin? I guess begin with the present eh mate? well maybe not. there was a late night movie, attack of the 0 ft woman, there will be a movie this weekend, last one was fn, courtney came down for it and we all went to applebees after . with andrea and eric and billy and courtney and jordan? the next week was andrea and jims engagement party. i didn't think i'd have any fun but i did. I really did. with emily and liz and lauren and aaron and juan from columbia. I miss that kind of intereaction, intelligent conversation. it was refresching. havne't had that since HS with "US" that day i also broke my camera. easter buny was at airport (yep! that means courntey has been there 4 years!) and i went to take a pic, which was really red headed john in a bunny suit but whatever. It was in my pocket and fell out. i thought nothing of it, but i went to turn it on at the party later and it didn't work. lens wouldnt' come out. i went to camera shops and $150 to repair, or i could get a new one for $200 - $300. more soon
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Time:12:35 am
it's been like a month since I updated
it's been a week since vacation started
it's been a day since vacation ended
it's been a year since me and eric started dating and i love him
it's been half hour since I got back from full monty rehearsal
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Time:03:13 pm

Your Brain is 60.00% Female, 40.00% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

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Time:01:28 pm
Happy saturday everyone! and happy birthday courtney scott!!!
Anyway I need to update on my birthdya! which ended up being pretty awesome. I was really nervous about it. Last year was so fun going into the city with kenny and chris and meeting courtney and candace. This year, Wednesday night at the theater after final tech for aida they sang happy birthday to me!! Went and hung with eric, his mom's bday was the 8th and i ate a cupcake! at midnight he gave me my presents=-) a game, a tiny etch a sketch, family guy boxers, simpsons "first pick" t-shirt, a fake phone and sonic the hedge hog video game for xbox so i can play when i'm there. I really loved it. I <3 sonic!! Anyway I did go home at night, I got up and actually did work, homework. Almost finished my paper. then I ran and at 5 eggs. and went to get eric at 3:45 and we got to the 4:06 train, rushing because we can never catch trains. haha. Anyway we listened to spamalot on the ride there, headphone splitter. I played sonic on my phone. We got into the city, and walked down to the theater, got tickets. Right after we got onto the street someone asked eric for a quarter, and for a cigareet. But eric looked so hot. He spent too much money on new clothes, but he looks so damn good. and he got a haircut and everything! and he's growing his beard. <3 him! do i sound like a 16 year old? well i'm 23. damn i'm old. haha it's all good though. anyway so because he was handsome with his new clothes and leather jacket eveyrone thought he had money. and of course his high class hooker (me) when we went to go get our tickets a lady came into the thing and said "Does anyone know about cell phones" HAhaha the irony! we took the battrty out and it worked. b ut seriously, the odds. anyway then we went to go get food. i wanted to go to the place we went to befor ave Q last year because it was aweosme, but eric had been there and dind't like it. we tried to get a table for hard rock cafe, but there was a group of 55 kdis there and it was going to be a 35 min wait so we had to leave. there was no where that would be fast enough so we went to mcdonalds with the marquee. huge one, and TV with trivia at the bar thing. it was cool. went to the theater for SPAMALOT and there was a large man infront of eric. lol. he whined the entire time before the show. The show was freakin aweosm. i laughed the whole time, eric was hysterical. everyone played so many roles. i am not dead fred was awesome. the black knight, sir robin, david hyde pierce from fraizer and hank azaria from the simpsons were in it. act I was better. after the show we hung around at the stage door and got autographs from king arthur, david hyde pierce, and hank azaria! Who does voice of moe, apu comic book guy frink, cletus and wiggum!! SO GOOD!!!!!!!! and me and eric had gone into a cheezy NYC shop earlier and bart's "drivers livence" caught my eye and eric was liek "c'mon i'll buy it for you" i refused, waste of money. but he bought one anyway. and so we got hank to sign it!!!! SO GREAT!!!!!!!! And he said that he had just done a read thru of season 18 episode 1 that afternoon. I was like "that's so cool!" but i wanted to ask him like whether he taped it in NYC or did it via phone or what! I know it's only like a day for the acutall taping and he could do it via phone or whatever. but i dind't aske. I froze. but then he moved on!! SO COOL!!! That was the best part of the night. got ben & jerry's ice cream and fudge and walked back to penn. Then we went to fridays and i got us drinks and eric tried to get us shots and the girl gave them to us on the house because it was my brtidhay. haha. the bartenders birthdya was feb 11th. the day of the blizzard. Anyway so we drank and i kinda crashed on the train, listening to beatles with E and a headphone splitter. had such a good day!!
And then yesterday (friday) i went through work smiling all day, so happy and in such a good mood. it kinda radiates. was in room 11 in the morning, 2 for lunch, and 6 afternoon as an extra. came home and tried to nap and then opened aida. courtney came up to the booth with toni. we were going to hang out but things fell through. watched stargate with eric and of course it's one wiht camelot! lol.
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Time:06:11 pm
Hi! So i kinda missed this weekend and my weekly update!! So here goes!<br />HAPPY HUMP DAY TO ALLL!!!!!!!<br />And 1 day till my bday! 1 day till spamalot! and 3 days till Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!! Yup yep! For those of you who haven't heard... Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is this months Midnight Movie Madness at airport!! W00t! We acutally got the rights to it! so we can advertize like crazy!!!!!!!! <br />www.internationalhouseofhaas.com/AKT.htm<br /><br />Anyway.. so last week was okay.  tuesday me and E went to chinese with liz and then went back to her house to watch waited.  It was agood movie but the whole experience soured me and i was and still am cranky and self-esteem lacking.  I just feel so dumb all the time.  but it's funny.  E's been in a really good mood which just goes to show that we can't both be happy at the same time.  <br />Mattress closed.  i was SOOOO done with it by the end!! week 5 was torture.  Saturday night, last saturday, feb 25 was awesome we went to applebees, me and E and billy and meri and jim and hactually had fun.  we joked and me and meri complained about work and we talked about reversing through drive throughs.  wednesday was two shows of mattress.  I've been hanging with josh during mattress and he's a real cool guy.   quickly becoming one of my fav people.  Speaking of fav people.... john steele moved in wihth meri.  sue and wes finaly moved in together.  This past sat we had my bday at her house and i got to see john's stuff and his mac and his king arthur pic and stuff! it was cool! and e had an okay time brecause they talked about movies! sunday me and eric and billy watched the oscars.  lol.  well fast fowarded through them.  <br />Aida is this fri and saturday.  and it's relaly bad.  the production is kinda bad but the drama! oh the drama!! Kids are complainign to me about the directors, and the director is complaining about the producer and the kids, and the producer is complainign about the directors.  and all complainign to me! i don't know how i get in the middle.  i don't ususlaly so hopefully this is an anomoly.  and then i say something because i'm bad with confrontation even if it's not ME who is being confronted.  and then i get a page long email today about how i shouldn't feel guilty about adding onto her already overfilled plate.  <br />Anyway.... so preschool today was weird... there's this one little chinese girl, age 3, who is very bizarre.  she pulled her pants down, went over and got a tissue and in the middle of the class started wiping her ass.  like 4 times she did this.  it's very bizarre.  it doesn't sound quite as bad when you read it but imagine it.  in room 6.  i was in room 4 lsat week and 2 on monday.  <br />school college i'm doing so poorly because i'm so so so so so so horribly lazy! i am the postergirl for lazyness!<br />and of course i'm not going to school tomrorwo because i'm going into the city with eric to see spamalot for my birthday.  yay..... LOL.  but the mornign i need to catch up with all my work! so much work! midsemester is next week.  <br />And dont' forget to come to ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES!!!!! SATURDAY MARCH 11 AT MIDNIGHT!!! (also courtney's irthdayt!!)  <br /><br /><br /><center><br /><br />

<img alt="" src="http://www.internationalhouseofhaas.com/photos/tott/images/IMGP9971.JPG" /><br /><br /><img alt="" src="http://www.internationalhouseofhaas.com/photos/tott/images/IMGP9965.JPG" /><br /><br /><img alt="" src="http://www.internationalhouseofhaas.com/photos/tott/images/IMGP9973.JPG" /><br /><br /><img alt="" src="http://www.internationalhouseofhaas.com/photos/tott/images/IMGP9962.JPG" /><br /><br /><img alt="" src="http://www.internationalhouseofhaas.com/photos/tott/images/IMGP9963.JPG" /><br /><br /><img alt="" src="&lt;br" /></lj></center>
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Time:05:52 pm
Hi! So i kinda missed this weekend and my weekly update!! So here goes!
And 1 day till my bday! 1 day till spamalot! and 3 days till Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!! Yup yep! For those of you who haven't heard... Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is this months Midnight Movie Madness at airport!! W00t! We acutally got the rights to it! so we can advertize like crazy!!!!!!!!

Anyway.. so last week was okay. tuesday me and E went to chinese with liz and then went back to her house to watch waited. It was agood movie but the whole experience soured me and i was and still am cranky and self-esteem lacking. I just feel so dumb all the time. but it's funny. E's been in a really good mood which just goes to show that we can't both be happy at the same time.
Mattress closed. i was SOOOO done with it by the end!! week 5 was torture. Saturday night, last saturday, feb 25 was awesome we went to applebees, me and E and billy and meri and jim and hactually had fun. we joked and me and meri complained about work and we talked about reversing through drive throughs. wednesday was two shows of mattress. I've been hanging with josh during mattress and he's a real cool guy. quickly becoming one of my fav people. Speaking of fav people.... john steele moved in wihth meri. sue and wes finaly moved in together. This past sat we had my bday at her house and i got to see john's stuff and his mac and his king arthur pic and stuff! it was cool! and e had an okay time brecause they talked about movies! sunday me and eric and billy watched the oscars. lol. well fast fowarded through them.
Aida is this fri and saturday. and it's relaly bad. the production is kinda bad but the drama! oh the drama!! Kids are complainign to me about the directors, and the director is complaining about the producer and the kids, and the producer is complainign about the directors. and all complainign to me! i don't know how i get in the middle. i don't ususlaly so hopefully this is an anomoly. and then i say something because i'm bad with confrontation even if it's not ME who is being confronted. and then i get a page long email today about how i shouldn't feel guilty about adding onto her already overfilled plate.
Anyway.... so preschool today was weird... there's this one little chinese girl, age 3, who is very bizarre. she pulled her pants down, went over and got a tissue and in the middle of the class started wiping her ass. like 4 times she did this. it's very bizarre. it doesn't sound quite as bad when you read it but imagine it. in room 6. i was in room 4 lsat week and 2 on monday.
school college i'm doing so poorly because i'm so so so so so so horribly lazy! i am the postergirl for lazyness!
and of course i'm not going to school tomrorwo because i'm going into the city with eric to see spamalot for my birthday. yay..... LOL. but the mornign i need to catch up with all my work! so much work! midsemester is next week.
And dont' forget to come to ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES!!!!! SATURDAY MARCH 11 AT MIDNIGHT!!! (also courtney's irthdayt!!)

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Time:06:24 pm
Okay! so me and eric are going to GA for a wedding the first weekend in may. we have been searching for something to do down there after to make a vacation out of it!
We need help! any ideas in or around Atlanta?
So far....
we are thinking of driving to texas to visit the headquarters of Radioshack. Haha. we are losers! we will prob stop at many shacks anyway. but it's 12 more hours form atlanta to fort worth, and then 25 hours back to LI. we only got a week folks!
we could admire the southern africans.
Because I watched the futurama episode with the underwater city of atlanta, I know there is a coke factory. coca-cola, not coke you losers!!! anyway so there are tours which we need to do. i need a diet coke shirt and he needs a dr. pepper one. Hahaha
centennail park? boring!
there is an amusement park we could try.
design museum could be aweosme.
Tour of CNN studio is a must!
we need to do weird stuff becuase that entertains us!

Let the journey continue!

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Time:07:00 pm

Do iT!
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Time:06:58 pm


(known to self and others)

accepting, patient, silly

Blind Spot

(known only to others)

friendly, happy, shy


(known only to self)

kind, logical, sensible


(known to nobody)

able, adaptable, bold, brave, calm, caring, cheerful, clever, complex, confident, dependable, dignified, energetic, extroverted, giving, helpful, idealistic, independent, ingenious, intelligent, introverted, knowledgeable, loving, mature, modest, nervous, observant, organised, powerful, proud, quiet, reflective, relaxed, religious, responsive, searching, self-assertive, self-conscious, sentimental, spontaneous, sympathetic, tense, trustworthy, warm, wise, witty

Dominant Traits

100% of people agree that Haasinator is accepting
100% of people think that Haasinator is friendly
100% of people think that Haasinator is happy
100% of people agree that Haasinator is patient
100% of people think that Haasinator is shy
100% of people agree that Haasinator is silly

All Percentages

able (0%) accepting (100%) adaptable (0%) bold (0%) brave (0%) calm (0%) caring (0%) cheerful (0%) clever (0%) complex (0%) confident (0%) dependable (0%) dignified (0%) energetic (0%) extroverted (0%) friendly (100%) giving (0%) happy (100%) helpful (0%) idealistic (0%) independent (0%) ingenious (0%) intelligent (0%) introverted (0%) kind (0%) knowledgeable (0%) logical (0%) loving (0%) mature (0%) modest (0%) nervous (0%) observant (0%) organised (0%) patient (100%) powerful (0%) proud (0%) quiet (0%) reflective (0%) relaxed (0%) religious (0%) responsive (0%) searching (0%) self-assertive (0%) self-conscious (0%) sensible (0%) sentimental (0%) shy (100%) silly (100%) spontaneous (0%) sympathetic (0%) tense (0%) trustworthy (0%) warm (0%) wise (0%) witty (0%)

Created by the Interactive Johari Window on 25.2.2006, using data from 1 respondents.
You can make your own Johari Window, or view Haasinator's full data.
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Time:04:16 pm
By Christopher Monks

PRO: Cleaner environment.
CON: Colder climate.

PRO: Universal healthcare.
CON: Higher tax rate.

PRO: The highest standard of living in the world.
CON: Not nearly as many Dunkin’ Donuts.

PRO: Lower crime rate.
CON: My TiVo won’t work there.

PRO: Quieter.
CON: The Grey Cup halftime show is always a disappointment.

PRO: Less crowded.
CON: Celine Dion.

PRO: Less traffic.
CON: The metric system.

PRO: Less partisan news media outlets.
CON: More than enough news stories about moose.

PRO: Less chance of being a victim of a terrorist act.
CON: More chance of getting beaten up in a Roadhouse.

PRO: Second in command doesn’t shoot people.
CON: More mean French-speaking waiters.

PRO: A multi-party political system.
CON: Celine Dion.

PRO: Good possibility that marijuana will be legalized.
CON: Pot makes me tell people I love them when I really don’t.

PRO: No longer having a tool for neo-conservatives as my leader.
CON: Feeling guilty about abandoning my country during one of its darkest political periods.

PRO: Less homophobia, less racism, less intolerance.
CON: Celine Dion, Celine Dion, Celine Dion.

PRO: Closer to Santa.
CON: Thanksgiving is in October.

PRO: My sons won’t have to help pay off the United States’ mounting deficit.
CON: My sons will become huge Celine Dion fans.
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